The Portland Autism Center

 Promoting Wellness in Individuals with Autism and Related Conditions

Our Treatment Approach

Autism greatly influences the manner in which an individual perceives himself/herself, others and the world in general. As a result, those affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder often need to learn new ways to cope with and problem-solve challenges of everyday living. Finding a good starting point can be especially difficult as every individual on the Autism Spectrum is unique in both his/her strengths and struggles. In line with this belief, our treatment plans are designed on an individual basis to best reflect the needs of the person.

Central to our approach to treatment is the belief every individual has the ability to learn, grow, and lead a more fulfilling life.¬†Treatment services through the Portland Autism Center, LLC are delivered within the framework of research supported Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Our treatment services emphasize building a collaborative environment among family members, teachers, and other community members significant to an individual’s life.

Our Vision

To provide quality standard of care in treatment of individuals on the autism spectrum through the use of empirically supported treatments and collaboration among the other professionals within our families’ communities. Our goal is to be responsive to our families’ unique circumstances, so we may help them find the wellness and stability they need to lead more enriching lives.